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Not a year goes by without Jesus Culture publishing new music. In 2017 the worship group released a new album titled "Love Has a Name" that was recorded live during their church services.

Love Has a Name since the 11th of August is available to download as a fulll album, or the songs you more like indiviudally, in all the usual digital audio stores including Amazon-mp3 and iTunes in two versions: the standard with 12 songs and a Deluxe with 16 at a higher price.

Deluxe Edition

When it comes to the Deluxe Editon this is the tracklist of songs included, a total of 1 hour and 43 minutes worth of music:

1 Halls of Heaven (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]

2 Let Our Faith Become a Mountain (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]    

3 Weight of Heaven (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]    

4 Love Has a Name (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]    

5 Flood the Earth (feat. Katie Torwalt) [Live]    

6 Make Us One (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]    

7 Sound of Adoration (feat. Bryan Torwalt) [Live]    

8 Never Stop (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]    

9 Fresh Outpouring (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]    

10 Love Overcomes (feat. Derek Johnson) [Live]    

11 My One My All (feat. Chris McClarney) [Live]    

12 However You Want (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]    

13 Infinite (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]    

14 Love That Saves (feat. Ruthie Ridley) [Live]    

15 Make a Way (feat. Jon Egan) [Live]

16 Anything Can Happen (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]

If you prefer to simply listen to Love Has a Name by Jesus Culture online it can be found available entirely for free in music apps like Spotify and through the following playlist of videos published on the band's official Youtube channel:

It was said in one of its reviews:
"This an awesome CD from start to finish, this is Jesus Culture at their best. A must have".

The most popular songs in this album have been the title track, "Flood the Earth", and "Halls of Heaven".