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Christian singer and songwriter Jamie Grace is ready to release a new album, 3 years after her previous one "Ready To Fly".

Similar to what other artists have done, like Taylor Swift with her latest album 1989, she has titled it '91, as in 1991, the year she was born.

The album cover follows its 90's theme, resembling the inserts used on audio cassettes, the form in which you would buy your music back then, before the Compact Disc (CD) came along.


Here's the list of the fourteen songs included, a total of 42 minutes worth of music:

1 Different (Prelude)
2 The Happy Song
3 One of a Kind
4 Here (feat. Morgan Harper Nichols)
5 Spotlight (Interlude)
6 Dance On
7 Bella
8 Party Like a Princess
9 Reverb (Interlude)
10 Games (feat. AJ Rafael, Brittany Levox, Mariah Houghton & Morgan Harper Nichols)
11 Sixteen
12 Daughter of the King (feat. Morgan Harper Nichols)
13 Bella (Acoustic)
14 Heaven (Fix Things)

It includes the two previously published Singles:

The Happy Song

Party Like a Princess

 and the latest to be made available, with sister Morgan Harper Nichols 

Daughter of the King


Release date:

You will be able to download the full album through the usual digital stores like iTunes and Amazon-mp3, and will be available for free to listen to Spotify users, starting on the 1st of September, 2017.

"Bella" is a song that will surely stand out; it is a tribute to girls across the world with phrases sung not only in English but in other languages as well, such as Swahili, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.