Christine D'Clario reaches and inspires more readers with her new book titled "Prodigal Heart: A Double Life Rescued and Transformed by the Love of the Perfect Father".

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Originally published in Spanish the book "Corazón Prodigo" has been translated to English and now more of her fans will get  the chance to know more about her.

Although she is mostly known in the Spanish speaking christian community,  Christine D'Clario is not unfamiliar to the english language.
  • she was born in New York to a hispanic mother and an american father
  • now lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband Carlos Cabán
  • in 2013 released her English album "Deeper"
  • and is part of the worship team at the Gateway Church
In her latest literary work the christian singer and songwriter shares her life story  from the early years of her life when she had to overcome personal hardships such as the death of her father, moving to another country, being molested sexually, to living a double life while being a leader in the church, but eventually surrendering completely to God.

You can buy the book in paperback form or download a digital copy (pdf / epub) of the ebook to read on a Kindle or other digital devices, through Amazon, and soon on other online stores, since its release date on September 5th, 2017.